Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas in Taiwan

Saturday the family and I went to Taipei to eat at a dumpling shop that I've wanted to try since I got here, 鼎泰豐. It was delicious and I'm so grateful 媽媽 put in the effort to get a reservation at this crazy time of year. We tried many different dishes and even had an interesting Chinese dessert. We then walked around Taipei 101 and the streets near. We enjoyed seeing many Christmas lights and people, even animals dressed up. We got home very late due to traffic on the way back to Taoyuan.
 Yesterday was Christmas Eve and my Rotary district was to have a Christmas party for the exchange students. 爸爸, my friend Sigurd and I went to buy decorations last minute and took a lot of time to pick them out. We chose fairly good decorations and made the very plain room a little bit more festive. We were also to bake or cook foods from our countries for everyone to try. I made Beavertails, a Canadian dessert. My friend CJ made southern mashed potatoes and gravy. I was really craving gravy. Speaking of CJ, we also did secret Santa and I was his secret Santa. I knew exactly what to get him. He previously complained to me about not having a tripod for his camera. So I went and looked for a tripod for weeks until I found one within the price limit of our secret Santa. I saw it and bought it right away. I also bought him a teddy bear head "from Santa." I was very happy with my decision on the present and I think he was too. Its not the best quality but its what I could get in the price range. He also owns a nice one in the US so it only needs to last six months. My secret Santa was one of my best friends, Bia. I had no idea, she was very good at hiding this from me. She got me the most adorable Totoro sweater that I am wearing right now. I love it.
Today its Christmas day and I am at school. I don't completely understand why, but it is a requirement by our rotary district that we go to school on this day. I honestly think that its a little inconsiderate but maybe that's cause they don't explain their decisions to us. I am also getting a cold and my throat hurts very much. Could be a much better Christmas. Tonight me and the family will open Christmas gifts and I'm excited for everyone to see what I got them. Hopefully they all like them. I am now going to video call my family in Canada and hopefully do so without any Wifi problems.